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UKBA Announces Changes to Tier 1 UK Visa Application Requirements

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Commencing yesterday (13th February 2012), the UK Border Agency has revised the guidance notes across all Tier 1 categories. As already reported by UK Visa and Immigration, changes to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur application form have already taken place and are now ready for use by applicants already based in the UK.

Changes to policies across the Tier 1 Visa category include a paragraph about circumstances related to contacting applicants when documents go missing or incorrect documents are submitted. The Tier 1 (General) guidance information also features a change to the list of governing bodies for accountants.

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur application form and guidance information has also been changed to allow applicants to use money invested in a UK business whilst present in Britain under a different Immigration category.

All applicants are required to use the new form immediately; however, applications made using the previous form will still be valid up to and including 5 March 2012. After this date only applications received on the new form will be accepted.

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