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UK Visa and Immigration: Fraud and Scams

Beware of immigration fraud and false companies!

The UK Government is raising awareness of immigration fraud. Fraud is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom, and can lead to severe penalties for those involved.

Fraud slows down processing of valid visa applications, creates victims of vulnerable people, and costs UK taxpayers money.

There are many stories in the media about disastrous consequences caused by so called 'immigration consultants' giving bad immigration advice, resulting in foreign nationals losing thousands of pounds and their rights to stay in the UK.

Document Fraud

It is a crime to misrepresent yourself by submitting false documents or making false statements when making an application for a UK Visa. If someone completes your application for you – you are still responsible for it.

Fake Websites

There are many websites that are set up purely to make people pay for a service and then do not give that service. If you find an immigration firm that looks appealing it is useful to see what others think of it by reading customer reviews. Read UK Visa & Immigration reviews here

Dishonest immigration agents

Many immigration consultants make false promises. They cannot guarantee to get you a UK Visa or deal with your immigration matter, this is purely at the discretion of the Home Office. Immigration agents can simply better your chance of success.

Don't be a victim of immigration fraud!

If you have any complaints regarding bogus immigration firms you can report immigration fraud to the UK Border Agency

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