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A London Visa is suitable if you want to come to London either to join your partner, work, study or just take a holiday and experience the British culture.

London is the business capital, with a variety of excellent employment and study opportunities. With a London Visa you will be able to attend one of the UK's best universities and work in the busiest employment capital.

London is not only the capital city of the UK but also the foremost tourist destination in the country. With a London Visa you will be able to visit London's famous landmarks including the Big Ben clock, the famous church of Westminster Abbey and the Victoria and Albert Museum that is home to the largest collection of fine and applied arts in the world.

There are many benefits to visiting London with a London Visa. With a London Visa you will be able to bring your children or dependents with you for your entire visit.

If you gain a London Visa you will be able to be part of some of the thousands of exciting London events taking place, spanning theatre, music, dance, comedy, cinema, art exhibitions and special events.

At UK Visa & Immigration we understand that gaining any type of visa for the UK can be complex.

If you are already in London and would like to extend your current London Visa or would like to discuss a visa or immigration matter with one of our specialists face to face then you can with our private consultation service.

UK Visa & Immigration are your local immigration experts. We now have six London offices so you can pick and choose where you would like your consultation.

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With a private consultation you will be able to discuss your immigration matter with an immigration consultant who is experienced in immigration law. Your dedicated visa expert will go through all the documents that you will need to submit with your London Visa application.

The cost of a consultation is £300 all inclusive. Plus if you wish to proceed with your immigration matter, it will be credited towards the total fee quoted for your London Visa.

If you live outside the European Union and would like to come to the UK to visit, work or study, you will need a London Visa. A London Visa is ideal if you would like to visit London to discover some of the worlds most popular attractions, attend one of the UK's best universities or work for a company in the capital. UK Visa and Immigration can help you to get a London Visa.

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