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Illegal Immigrants

Would you like to make your stay in the UK legal?

If your UK Visa has expired, you have no Visa or have breached your Visa conditions you are considered as an illegal immigrant. If this is the case you are likely to be held in detention and deported.

If you have lived in the UK as an illegal immigrant for a considerable amount of time you have a good case for citizenship. We can help make you a UK citizen for many reasons.

Illegal immigrants may have a case for Asylum or on a Human Rights basis to stay in the UK.

The European Convention on Human Rights, prevents the UK sending someone to a country where there is a genuine risk that they will be exposed to torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

It would be unlawful for the UK immigration service to return an illegal immigrant to their own country if there is a strong chance that they will have to face torture, degradation and inhumane treatment.

Here at UK Visa & Immigration we're experts in getting you a UK Visa. We will manage your application from start to finish, ensuring that it's done right the first time, avoiding costs in re-applying!

What we can do for you:

In order to complete your UK Visa application efficiently your immigration matter will be dealt with in five stages:

  1. A detailed assessment of your personal circumstances
  2. Pre-application, where we will ensure that we receive the correct documents to strengthen your case
  3. The completion of your UK Visa application
  4. Submission of your UK Visa application
  5. Contact you with the confirmation of your UK Visa

Speak to our specialist immigration advisors at UK Visa and Immigration for help, advice and action; our five stage process will enable you to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure your UK Visa has the best possible chance of success!

We can help you get a UK Visa for the UK.

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