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UK Visa Appeal Guideline

You Have the Right to Appeal!
If your UK visa application to enter or remain in the UK has been refused, then you have the right to put forward a UK Visa appeal to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT). Your UK Visa appeal case will be heard by a specialist immigration judge in a separate court system. It is your only opportunity to get a decision changed. For a UK Visa appeal you will need the assistance of a UK Immigration Expert.

UK Visa Appeal types
There are different types of UK Visa appeals. It is useful to know what appeal category you fall in.

Asylum - An asylum appeal relates to a person who is under threat in their own country and looks to the United Kingdom for protection, for example during times of civil war. There are Human Right laws which protect a person when claiming asylum. The UK can provide a place of safety for genuine refugees.

Immigration - An immigration appeal affects a person who has applied to enter or stay in the UK. Applications that have been refused under the points based system outside of the UK have limited right of UK Visa appeal to the First-tier Tribunal.

Visit Visa - A visit visa appeal affects a person who has been refused permission to come to the UK to visit a family member. Visit visa cases can either be heard at a hearing or dealt with on papers.

Human Rights - If a person feels that their basic human rights have been breached they may appeal this to the AIT.

Our specialist immigration advisors can help you if you wish to apply for a UK Visa appeal or extend your UK Visa or in any of the following circumstances for example:

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